Apple Folio Case for iPhone X

As iPhone X is the batch-mate of iPhone 8 and the big brother iPhone 8 Plus, many of those baulking at price tried to be lame with saying that X is quite the same or revamped iPhone 8. That may don’t create much sense as it is not much you can interrelate both these phones except their sizes. X takes the camera placement and performance to the next level, the battery is either enhanced and last but the not the least screen dimensions are good enough to attract the movie-enthusiasts in the first place.
One thing you can’t deny is this phone is too fragile if you’re the carefree person and slipping phone of your hands is something you do quite often. The protective case or cover is inevitable for making sure the goodness of iPhone X. Here’s our review of one of the most hyped iPhone X cases:

Apple Folio Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
Being an Apple-fan doesn’t make sense if you’re stuck with similar concepts and accessories in the market. Therefore, it happened for quite some time as Apple cases’ were simple leather or the polycarbonate. But now with their revolutionary iPhone X model, they thought of bringing some case which they manufactured never before. We are talking about the Leather Folio case that was exclusively kicked off for the iPhone X users, knowing that they deserve something special.
To be very honest, if you’re expecting little much, then this case has nothing much to offer as the Folio Cases are from other brands are running in the market for several years now. The only thing which makes this special enough is it is the first ever folio case by Apple. So, this product by the makers itself is good enough to safeguard your phone from all the untoward situations.

Apple is the synonym to style and one can’t actually argue about that; though when it’s about case or accessories they don’t come with glitzy or floral patterns on their products, their simplicity is their elegance. Carved out the of the finest European Leather, this folio case assures you the luxurious look. Moreover, it is quite spacious to hold on your cards, cash and ID as well.

The Apple products are something on the mission to stay in your life for the longtime and nothing different is this high-end case. The tanned leather it I made up of let it last long on your phone without going to wear and tear.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Taupe
  2. Cosmos Blue
  3. Black
  4. Berry

What it is made up of?
European Leather

Value for Money (VFM)
Indeed, it is quite pricey at $99 but if you’re Apple-fan that won’t pain in your ass.