Quit Stressin’ Meowt iPhone case by Sonix

Who doesn’t want a durable yet sleek case for their phone? Quality reliability and design are all that the customer needs and keeps looking for. It is hard to find it all in one case. After the phone companies bringing their games up, the case businesses have also started working for it, to satisfy the needs of its customers and to provide them the best of what they want.

If you are an iPhone fan you can never switch to any other phone, because of the amazing features it has and the core value of simplicity. After every new launch, Apple comes up with some new and improved features to satisfy the needs of the customers. To moment you get your hands-on iPhone, the first concern becomes to protect it from every possible harm and damage and scratches.

Sonix is known for the quirky yet durable case it provides. It has the best cases available and it never disappoints the customer with the quality or style of the case. Sonix makes the cases tailored to perfection and well crafted. The sleek and practical designs are what attract the customers more.

Here is a review of Quit Stressin’ Meowt iPhone Case by Sonix for you to choose the best case among the many other cases. It is a personalized review to help you find the best case to satisfy the needs and features you want in a case for your phone.


It is retrofitted to fit many other models, other than iPhone 8 so you don’t have to keep changing it again and again and keep it for a longer period of time. You can keep it to use it for your iPhone 6/7 and 8 which is a very good feature.


It is made of polycarbonate to make it durable and long lasting, the material it is made of adds in more life to it and makes it very reliable. This material is picked for the ease of the user to make it last longer and to provide a firm grip to avoid the phone from slipping and dropping. Also, the construction of the case is done in a particular way with a very practical and sensible approach. It is designed for your ease and to make it usable for your daily use.


It has this sleek and slim style and the quirky design of a cat for you to quit stressing, is definitely cute. It is made with precise cutouts and accurate shape to secure your phone from any damage in case it is accidentally dropped. It is so precisely made to fit your phone the best way possible and to wrap it like a glove. Sonix provides customer satisfaction in every possible way.

Military tested

It has been a military test for the drop. It can protect your phone when accidentally dropped also it has the raised rubber edges to protect your phone from scratches when putting upside down. It drops and scratch resistant and protect your screen very well.


It costs $35.

Mous Limitless 2.0 case Review

You would save up your money to get a new phone, and if you are an iPhone fan you will definitely save up for it. The moment you get your hands on the super gorgeous phone you will only want to protect it the best way possible. Apple launches new phones every once in a while and stuns its fan every time with the amazing features and the upgraded design.

The newest in line is iPhone XS which is a follow up from the X series and it is crafted to perfection. Why wouldn’t you want to protect this piece of beauty? The first thing you think of after you get a phone is its protection, it becomes your biggest concern. But you don’t want to encase it in a bulky and tacky phone case and to ruin its beauty.

You want a case that is not only protective but high in quality and has a super unique and amazing outlook. Mous provides you this kind of covers, to fulfill your needs and all the requirements which you are looking for, in a phone case.

Here is a review on the Mous Limitless 2.0 Case which will help you choose the best among the many other cases and will provide you with the reasons to why you should get yourself a Mous case.

Quality Case

Mous has designs which are designed to perfection and are perfect for you. you can get the best quality cases at a perfect price and all the other amazing features. Mous has quality cases and they never disappoint their customers and produce a defect-free product and earns the trust of their customers. Mous is known for producing the best cases.


Mous is known for providing the best high-end case to suit your phone and personality in the best way possible and which are crafted so well that they are made with accurate precision and wraps your phone like a glove.


Mous cases are highly durable and made with real material which makes them very reliable and a perfect choice for a longer period of time. Durability is one thing that everybody searches for, in their phone case. Mous cases are made with the best quality material ensuring the case to last longer than many other phones case. The material it uses provides a firm grip and saves it from slipping.

Tiny Air Pockets

These cases are introduced with the tiny air pockets and cross-linking polymer chains which work like springs and prevents your phone from any harm and prevents it from damaging its edges if accidentally dropped. The material used is picked precisely to prevent it from drops and makes it shockproof.

Value for Money

It costs $30 which is super reasonable and the best pick for you. If you are looking for something reasonable and high-end this has to be your pick and makes your phone case stand out among the many other phone cases, and it is very pocket-friendly and perfectly designed for you.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof case

iPhone is the ultimate favorite of most people and one of the reason is its simplicity that has been there from the start, upgraded features, and all the other improvements being made with every launch. iPhone XS is one of the new launches and is the talk of the town. It is a successor in the iPhone X series and has many cool features. If you are an iPhone fan you can definitely switch to this sophisticated phone.

If you have an iPhone XS then the first thing you would want is to protect it from scratches and damages and for that, you will need a high-quality case. After this current increase in the use of case and people searching for high quality yet aesthetic cases, the phone cases companies have upped their game and try to produce cases that are best and every aspect.

You don’t certainly want to encase your phone in a tacky phone case, but for all your requirements you need to search the best case to suit the personality of yours and the design of your phone. It was very difficult before but now that the case companies are making cases keeping in mind all the users’ needs it is easier to find a case to satisfy your requirements.

Dog & Bone are known for the best quality high-end cases they provide. You can easily get that one case you want by just searching the correct website. These ultra slim and sleek design is for you to stand out.

Here is a review for the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Case to help you decide which case you want for your iPhone XS and know about the features if they fulfill the requirements you have, and if it will protect your phone fully.

Drop Protection

Are you afraid about your phone to be wasted if you drop it someday? Dog & Bone have resolved your problem by manufacturing a case that gives you the ultimate drop protection and keeps s your phone protected if dropped or slipped accidentally, not only that it sports 360 degrees of water and protects your phone from dust, snow, and water. Isn’t it full proof protection?

Transparent Design

It has a transparent back to show the amazing design of your phone along with providing it full protection and also making it aesthetic and super likable. The transparent back of the case keeps the back of your case on the show so that you can show off the sleek design of your iPhone XS fully.

Sleek and Slim

It is super sleek and slim, even after having so many features it is still very lightweight and sleek and adds in the aesthetics of your ultra-stylish phone and makes it look so much nicer and even more protected.

Price Point

It costs $80 which is quite reasonable for a case having so many features and which is very durable. This definitely should be in your list if you have got a new iPhone.

Mood Ring Thermochromic Case by Recover

iPhone is really a precious thing to keep and have. The moment you have your hands on this precious thing the first concern of yours become to protect it from all the damages and harms.

You want to cover it with a case but that too not very tacky and bulky, you need a case which is high in quality and high in style. You don’t need an ordinary case to cover your iPhone. For the sleek design iPhone 8 has, you want a case which can not only protect it properly but also makes it stand out with is aesthetic design. You need a case to protect your phone from not only scratches and accidental dropping but also dust. And who wouldn’t want a phone which is highly protected?

Recover presents you a case that not only prevents it fully but also has a very beautiful design.  It will make your phone stand out among many others and will definitely match your personality with its very unique features.

Recover is known for the best quality cases it produces with the best designs and high quality. It makes cases to meet your needs and to suit you and your personality the best. It has these very unique features which make your phone stand out among many other phones and these cases are crafted to perfection. All the cases are tailored so perfectly that it hugs your phone like a glove and give your phone a finished and sleek look. All the users of iPhone want a case which is good in quality and has the best features and Recover fulfills all the needs of the users and provide them with the best of the cases it can produce.

Here is a review for mood ring thermochromic case by Recover, which might help you find a case which is high in quality and yet stylish and unique. If you are looking for a case which has a good design and really amazing quality, this mood ring thermostatic case has to be your pick.

Thermochromic  backing

It has this thermochromic feature which makes it stand out among the rest. The thermochromic backing detects your body temperature and changes color. This thermochromic feature is really an amazing one and makes your phone stand out by just this one amazing feature. It not only changes its colors but also protects your phone.


It is made of plastic and it is imported. It is very high in quality that this case gives your phone full proof protection and it is long lasting durable and reliable. The plastic case is light but also protect the phone fully. This plastic case is made particularly for iPhone 8 and made very precisely.


It costs $30 which is very pocket-friendly and reasonable. For a phone which is high in functionality and style, this price is very reasonable and if you have to stay under budget then this case is the best to get.

Apple Folio Case for iPhone X

As iPhone X is the batch-mate of iPhone 8 and the big brother iPhone 8 Plus, many of those baulking at price tried to be lame with saying that X is quite the same or revamped iPhone 8. That may don’t create much sense as it is not much you can interrelate both these phones except their sizes. X takes the camera placement and performance to the next level, the battery is either enhanced and last but the not the least screen dimensions are good enough to attract the movie-enthusiasts in the first place.
One thing you can’t deny is this phone is too fragile if you’re the carefree person and slipping phone of your hands is something you do quite often. The protective case or cover is inevitable for making sure the goodness of iPhone X. Here’s our review of one of the most hyped iPhone X cases:

Apple Folio Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
Being an Apple-fan doesn’t make sense if you’re stuck with similar concepts and accessories in the market. Therefore, it happened for quite some time as Apple cases’ were simple leather or the polycarbonate. But now with their revolutionary iPhone X model, they thought of bringing some case which they manufactured never before. We are talking about the Leather Folio case that was exclusively kicked off for the iPhone X users, knowing that they deserve something special.
To be very honest, if you’re expecting little much, then this case has nothing much to offer as the Folio Cases are from other brands are running in the market for several years now. The only thing which makes this special enough is it is the first ever folio case by Apple. So, this product by the makers itself is good enough to safeguard your phone from all the untoward situations.

Apple is the synonym to style and one can’t actually argue about that; though when it’s about case or accessories they don’t come with glitzy or floral patterns on their products, their simplicity is their elegance. Carved out the of the finest European Leather, this folio case assures you the luxurious look. Moreover, it is quite spacious to hold on your cards, cash and ID as well.

The Apple products are something on the mission to stay in your life for the longtime and nothing different is this high-end case. The tanned leather it I made up of let it last long on your phone without going to wear and tear.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Taupe
  2. Cosmos Blue
  3. Black
  4. Berry

What it is made up of?
European Leather

Value for Money (VFM)
Indeed, it is quite pricey at $99 but if you’re Apple-fan that won’t pain in your ass.