Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof case

iPhone is the ultimate favorite of most people and one of the reason is its simplicity that has been there from the start, upgraded features, and all the other improvements being made with every launch. iPhone XS is one of the new launches and is the talk of the town. It is a successor in the iPhone X series and has many cool features. If you are an iPhone fan you can definitely switch to this sophisticated phone.

If you have an iPhone XS then the first thing you would want is to protect it from scratches and damages and for that, you will need a high-quality case. After this current increase in the use of case and people searching for high quality yet aesthetic cases, the phone cases companies have upped their game and try to produce cases that are best and every aspect.

You don’t certainly want to encase your phone in a tacky phone case, but for all your requirements you need to search the best case to suit the personality of yours and the design of your phone. It was very difficult before but now that the case companies are making cases keeping in mind all the users’ needs it is easier to find a case to satisfy your requirements.

Dog & Bone are known for the best quality high-end cases they provide. You can easily get that one case you want by just searching the correct website. These ultra slim and sleek design is for you to stand out.

Here is a review for the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Case to help you decide which case you want for your iPhone XS and know about the features if they fulfill the requirements you have, and if it will protect your phone fully.

Drop Protection

Are you afraid about your phone to be wasted if you drop it someday? Dog & Bone have resolved your problem by manufacturing a case that gives you the ultimate drop protection and keeps s your phone protected if dropped or slipped accidentally, not only that it sports 360 degrees of water and protects your phone from dust, snow, and water. Isn’t it full proof protection?

Transparent Design

It has a transparent back to show the amazing design of your phone along with providing it full protection and also making it aesthetic and super likable. The transparent back of the case keeps the back of your case on the show so that you can show off the sleek design of your iPhone XS fully.

Sleek and Slim

It is super sleek and slim, even after having so many features it is still very lightweight and sleek and adds in the aesthetics of your ultra-stylish phone and makes it look so much nicer and even more protected.

Price Point

It costs $80 which is quite reasonable for a case having so many features and which is very durable. This definitely should be in your list if you have got a new iPhone.